CT Residents React to Harris’ Historic Victory

No matter what side of the aisle you may sway, Kamala Harris’ victory as vice president-elect is one for the history books. The vice president-elect is breaking barriers as the first woman, South Asian American and Black person set to hold that office. It’s impacting a lot of people… Read More

Vanita Bhalla

Rising the Tide: How Vanita Bhalla Strives Both Professionally and Politically To Help Others Use Their Voice A lifelong commitment to bringing out the best in others, Bhalla always brings her best self to her job and to local politics. This week,… Read More

Lisa Tepper Bates

Say What You Need To Say: How Lisa Tepper Bates’ fearless leadership, coalition building and question asking set a local and national model for addressing homelessness Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, this Emerge alumna is working to keep Connecticut safe, housed, and healthy.  This… Read More